Eight veteran Customs Officers who collectively represent 255 years of service have been honoured by the Ministry of National Security.

The Minister, Renée Ming was on hand to present them with certificates and gifts at a recent ceremony held on January 26, in observance of International Customs Day.

Six of the officers were recognised with awards for 30 years of service.

Senior Customs Officer Terry Ann Smith was honoured for 35 years of service, together with Senior Customs Officer Pamelita Webb, who was awarded for her 40 years of service.

The presentation was made last week, after what the Minister described as “an extraordinarily busy 2020 holiday season” for the department.

“Because residents have been unable to travel regularly during the pandemic they’ve been importing courier packages from abroad in record numbers,” she said.

“It is a testament to your resilience and flexibility that you were able to swiftly adjust your protocols and practices to meet the demand.”

She also noted that Bermuda’s Customs Officers play a key role in containing the spread of COVID-19 in Bermuda.

“Bermuda has been successful in managing the risks of the pandemic thanks in part to the Ministry of National Security’s uniformed service departments,” said the Minister.

“During this pandemic the Customs Department’s essential operational units continued to function.

“You are on the front lines of keeping our country safe and functioning and we owe you a great debt of gratitude.”

A total of 19 officers were also awarded certificates for 10 and 15 years service.

In all, “the department honoured 27 Customs Officers who have served 10, 15, 30, 35 and 40 years of service”.

Those celebrating 30, 35 and 40 years include:

  • Senior Customs Officer Pamelita Webb – 40 years
  • Senior Customs Officer Terry Ann Smith – 35 years
  • Ms Sharon Burgess – Data Input Clerk – 30 years
  • Principal Customs Officer Dean Lema – 30 years
  • Senior Customs Officer Andrea McKey – 30 years
  • Senior Customs Officer Clyde Julio – 30 years
  • Customs Officer Vincent John – 30 years
  • Customs Officer Carla Hill – 30 years
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