News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Since the transformative summer of 2020 when the World witnessed the gruesome racist murder of George Floyd, and as the consequences of the COVID pandemic have worsened inequality, CURB has been extremely active. With particular focus on racial justice, structural racism, advocacy and restorative justice, CURB’s innovative, structured, and honest Workshops have been in high demand.   

Various groups have increasingly used CURB’s Workshops addressing the systemic effects of racism to help them identify and remove any actual bias and/or the appearance of bias in their organisations. In addition, some of Bermuda’s leading and progressive corporate entities also seized this opportunity to assess their work environments and began to address racial inequity.   

We are greatly encouraged by this surge in community and corporate awareness and enthusiasm, and so it has become important for CURB to increase our capacity building in order to fulfil our mission to our wider Society.  

With increased Community Support, we are excited to announce we have hired an Executive Director to coordinate, direct, and lead CURB’s Stakeholder Outreach and Workshop Development.  

We are proud and excited to announce that Ms Stacey-Lee Williams accepted our offer to be CURB’s first fulltime and permanent Executive Director. Ms Williams comes to CURB after more than two (2) decades of stellar service in Education and Diversity Training.  

Possessing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in Educational Psychology, Stacey is not only a Certified Practitioner of Restorative Practices, but she is also a Trainer of Certified Practitioners of Restorative Practices. Ms Williams is a Lead Facilitator with the Bermuda Truth & Reconciliation Community; and is particularly skilled in facilitating the difficult/challenging conversations that true, holistic restoration and reconciliation demands  

Ms Williams states: “I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to building relationships with the wider community. I am especially eager to collaborate with new community partners and enhance an understanding of racial inequity, its perennial effects, and how to begin to remove its historic stain on Bermudians’ and Bermuda’s development.  Although the task of uprooting racism is an overall community responsibility, I hope that in this role, I will be able to lead CURB’s community engagement and its unending commitment to ensuring a more equitable Bermuda for all.   

We were encouraged by our search and recruitment process because although other candidates were not successful, the process uncovered stakeholders, activists, and consultants who also honorably confront inequality in Bermuda in their own ways.  

Ms. Williams started in the position of Executive Director on March 7th,  and can be reached on  

CURBS Mission  

“A Bermuda where skin colour favours no one.”