Just three months after it was officially launched, CURB “has sold all of the 1,000 copies” of the hardcopy publication of ‘Black History in Bermuda: Timeline Spanning 5 Centuries’.

Head of Citizens Uprooting Racism In Bermuda, Lynne Winfield said the book was well received by “individuals and various vendors”.

But she said: “I believe copies might still be available in bookstores at $25.00, ie Bermuda Bookstore, Bookmart at Brown & Co, The Griot and Long Story Short in St George’s.  Additionally Robinson’s Pharmacy, Somerset Pharmacy and People’s Pharmacy all have copies.”

Asked whether or not the book will be republished, Ms Winfiled said: “We will republish but unlikely until late this year at the very earliest.

“We are already updating it with new information/research for Edition 2, as CURB considers it a living document to be added to and amended as we move forward,” she added.

The online version was launched in October with the support of the Human Rights Commission.

The first timeline entitled ‘Bermuda Timeline: Significant Events in the History of Bermuda’s Race Relations from the 17th Century to the Present’, was printed in 2003, with an expanded version published in 2009 in a series of three booklets entitled 400 Years of Bermuda’s Race Relations.

“Over the next 10 years CURB gathered and compiled further research, incorporating new research from contemporary Black historians,” a spokesperson said.

“Over the years much of this work featured in CURB’s various research papers, submissions to Government, and included in CURB’s History of Racism and Structural Racism workshops. As the Timeline developed, it became an important resource and one that the CURB Council, and the Human Rights Commission, felt was important to be shared with the public.

“The Timeline is a living document and a constant work-in-progress and has been published online where it will be updated regularly.”
  • Black History in Bermuda Timeline can be found on CURB’s website www.uprootingracism.oror direct PDF link:  https://bit.ly/2FRq8for on the Human Rights Commission website at www.humanrights.bm or by direct link:https://www.humanrights.bm/blackhistoryinbermudatimeline/