In a world of social media, pictures get around fast – like this one posted on Facebook this evening of a road traffic accident that occurred in St David’s on the eve of the two-day Annual Cup Match Classic in St George’s. 

Throughout the week in the lead up to the four-day long holiday weekend, there have been cautionary warnings issued for motorists to slow down, don’t drink and drive and exercise responsible behaviour while travelling on Bermuda’s roads.

Given the number of road traffic accidents that occur daily, causing vehicle damage, serious injuries and death, one cannot help but wonder if those warnings are falling on deaf ears.

Take a look at the numbers recorded at Bermuda’s main hospital published in June, when 165 road traffic accident victims attended the Emergency Ward at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, or the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre in St David’s.

According to the Bermuda Hospitals Board, from January to May of this year, a total of 622 people required hospital treatment. Nine people were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, 52 were admitted to the Acute Care Wing.

Included in the overall total during this period were three road traffic accident victims under the age of 18, who were admitted for medical treatment.

As of mid-June, seven road traffic fatalities were recorded on Bermuda’s roads this year.

In the lead up to the long holiday weekend, as stated, a number of appeals were made urging motorists to slow down. Among them was an appeal by newly appointed Transport Minister Walter Roban, who essentially urged motorists not to make this Cup Match their last.

His comments were echoed by the Premier, the Opposition Leader and the Bermuda Police Service. And on the eve of the 2017 Annual Cup Match Classic, on behalf of Bermuda Real, we’re repeating the call for motorists to just slow down, don’t drink and drive and exercise responsible behaviour on Bermuda’s road one more time.

Ultimately, the best case scenario is to make it through the long holiday weekend ALIVE!

Enjoy your Cup Match holiday wherever you are and whatever you decide to do, do it safely and let’s all make it through – no matter which team wins!