The impact of COVID-19 on operations continues to take its toll on the island’s maximum security prison this weekend.

In follow up to our reports earlier this week, Bermuda Real understands “there are approximately 12 officers on contact tracing quarantine”, with three officers who have tested positive.

When contacted by Bermuda Real, our lead source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said: “All programs suspended unless totally necessary.”

As for recreational time for the inmates at Westgate Correctional Facility, he said: “Inmates being recreated in social bubbles.

“Units being fogged after all controlled movements of the day are completed,” he added.

He also noted that the inmates are becoming increasingly “frustrated because it affects obviously the daily runnings and it effects inmates completing the requirements to be considered for parole”.

To make matters worse, Bermuda Real understands that an individual being held by police and later placed on remand at Westgate, walked the virus through the prison’s doors just over two weeks ago.

A reception came from police custody, to Prisons and was not tested while in police charge,” our source said.

“The individual was found to be positive.”

Earlier this week, Bermuda Real confirmed that there were at least two prison officers who tested positive with eight in
quarantine due to close contact.

The numbers were disclosed just prior to a meeting held by prison officials to discuss the current state of affairs at the west end facility.

Meanwhile, prison service providers and/or vendors are limited to remote visits only, with no official word yet on the situation at Westgate Correctional Facility or other prison facilities from prison officials, the Minister, or the Ministry of National Security.

We’ll keep you posted!