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The total number of confirmed cases COVID-19 in Bermuda rose to 37 after 25 additional test results came in on Saturday.

The Ministry of Health provided the daily update saying 23 tests came back negative and two were positive.

A spokesperson said: “Both new cases are hospitalized, and are under investigation to determine if there is a contact or travel history.
“Out of the 37 total cases, 14 people have recovered.
“There are six people who are hospitalized, all in stable condition. There are 17 active cases under active public health monitoring.
“The average age of the confirmed positive cases is 47-years-old, the age range is 18 83-years-old and the average age of those hospitalized is 74-years-old.
“There are 22 males and 15 females.
“A review of our overall testing numbers, shows that out of the 291 tests that werconducted, 37 are positive, and 227 were negative and 27 are pending results.
“As of today, there are 439 persons who are under self-quarantine with public health supervision.”
Based on the Social Distancing and Closure Schedule published on, she said: “It is important that the public observe the updated guidance regarding the use of face coverings when in public places such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations.”
The Ministry of Health is now advising: “The use of cloth and homemade face masks is recommended for all persons whilst in indoor public places to protect others from possible infection.”
The spokeswoman added: “The general public should not use surgical of N95 masks if possible, as there is a global shortage of these masks and they are best reserved for healthcare settings.
“Guides on how to produce a face covering at home can be found on the website:”

Speaking at the news conference held on Friday, Health Minister Kim Wilson echoed the Premier’s “words of reassurance” and reminded the community that “we are all in this together”.

“We are all facing hardships of some kind in the days ahead,” said Ms Wilson.

“But the price to pay if we do not; is too great to bear.

“We only get one chance to do this and do this right…to stop this virus in its tracks…to ensure our health system is not overwhelmed…to save lives.

“We go into this half-heartedly, and lives will be put at risk; businesses and restaurants will be closed longer; our economy will take a greater hit and families will continue to be apart.

“The health of our community is in your hands. Please be compliant. Isolate immediately if you get ANY respiratory symptoms; call your doctor and stay in your own home.”

The Minister also another point “specifically for those individuals with chronic diseases”.

“Please manage your chronic conditions so that you don’t run into complications during this period,” said Ms Wilson.

“Take your medications and comply with your doctor’s instructions fully so that you don’t need additional care or hospitalization during the next two weeks.

“Also, I want to remind the public that doctors’ offices are exempt from the impending movement restrictions.

“Doctors’ offices will not be closed…although some may be operating with restricted hours and services.

“We do not want a situation where our hospital has a flooded Emergency Room,” she said.

“International guidance supports the opinion that maternal health, child services, immunization services, acute illness visits and chronic disease management are services which should continue.

“This brings me to modified clinic services at the Hamilton Health Clinic during the next two weeks…

“The public are advised that there will be no walk-ins at this time. All visits are by appointment only.

“For minor ailments in children as well as child and adult immunization contact 278-6460. Appointments will be available Monday to Friday at the Hamilton Health Centre from 8.30am to 11.30am.

“Well infant’ checks will take place from Monday to Friday 2pm until 4pm at the Hamilton Health Centre by appointment only. The contact number is 278-6460,” she added.

For the Maternal Health Program, contact 278-6441. Again, all visits are by appointment only.

  • Antenatals will be seen Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30am to 12:30pm
  • TDAP immunizations will take place Friday mornings from 8:30am to 11:30am
  • Contraceptive injection clinic appointments will be on Tuesdays from 8:30am to 11:30am and Fridays (2pm-4pm)

“For the Communicable Disease Clinic, contact 278-6442. Testing will be carried out by appointment only from Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 11:30am; while consultation and medication collection will take place Fridays from 8:30am until 11:30am.

“Again, all visits are by appointment only.

“For community Health Nursing services contact 292-3095.”

Thanks to the “generosity of Roche Bermuda”, the Minister said the island’s testing capability will be “heavily” ramped up “to offer mroe widespread screening of our population to combat this viral outbreak”.

The company supplied “two additional testing instruments along with two laptop operating systems to run them”.

“With the additional testing supplies scheduled to arrive on the BA flight next week, we will be able to test approximately 2,000 persons.

“Public Health England, through Crown Agents, have indicated that they will provide this same level of testing capabilities to Bermuda on a weekly basis.

“An additional testing centre will be set up and validated according to WHO guidelines, not only to assist the national diagnostic efforts, but also to expose our Bermudian university students who are already educated in the field, and have previous laboratory experience, to what is certainly an emerging field of work.

“This new laboratory will be under the direction of Dr Carika Weldon. The new machines and test kits will arrive on Monday.,” she added.

On social distancing to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 in grocery stores, the following recommendations should be implemented:

  • Maintain a physical separation of 6 feet from other shoppers
  • Use store hand sanitizers entering and leaving the stores
  • Avoid cash transactions as much as possible and use a delivery option if available
  • If you bring your reusable bags, sanitize them first
  • Pack your own groceries so that fewer hands have touched your purchases
  • Only buy what you need

The Minister also urged care givers “for vulnerable persons in their own homes”, to take “several actions” immediately to protect themselves and those they care for, to lower the risk of contracting COVID-19.

These include:

  • Practicing safe, effective hygiene for the protection of your client and yourself
  • Staying at home if you are sick
  • Preparing a plan for back up care providers for times when you are ill

“This is because seniors, healthcare workers and persons with chronic medical conditions like heart, lung or kidney disease, diabetes or frailty are at higher risk for illness from COVID-19 disease.

The Minister also urged residents to “look at the guidelines posted on the Government website for full details” to “stay safe and well”.