Effective today, “the last name shopping system will be eliminated for all retail except grocery stores”.

This from Premier David Burt, who tweeted last night that restrictions on retail shopping on a last name basis will be scrapped for retail stores as of May 28.

Mr Burt stated on Twitter last night that there would be some “loosening and some tightening” of the rules.

“The past week has allowed us to see what is working well and what isn’t. This change was approved by the Cabinet Committee on reopening the economy led by Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch,” he said.

Other changes were published today on the Bermuda Government’s social media links.

To prevent long lines at grocery stores, he said the surname-based shopping restrictions will remain in place.

“If your shopping day falls on Friday’s holiday, you may go to the grocery store this Sunday,” said Mr Burt.

“Retail stores will still have to follow physical distancing and require masks, but shoppers can go any day.”