Flanked by the Minister of Health and the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Premier David Burt held a news conference tonight to announce the reimplementation of COVID-19 restrictions as of this Tuesday, December 8, in the wake of the increasing number of cases.

Included in the restrictions set to go into effect on this week – the closure of licensed liquor premises with inside bars and clubs until December 22.

Outdoor bars will still be able to operate while indoor food service will be for food only with group numbers reduced – that number will be announced in due course. And the number of people allowed to gather will be cut down to 20 people.

“Our goal in implementing these restrictions is to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” said Mr Burt.

“Our goal is to protect our healthcare system and these steps are necessary to do such.

To date, Bermuda has recorded a total of 288 confirmed cases of the coronavirus including another ten new cases reported on Saturday, with 35 new cases reported in just one week.

“Our hospital is in decent shape with only two persons in hospital, only one in critical care,” said the Premier.

But he stressed that the island has to avoid being “in a dangerous place as we go forward”.

Joined by the Minister of Health Kim Wilson and CMO Dr Ayoola Oyinloye, he also said that the Minister of Finance would “make funds available to affected businesses” moving forward.