Students and teachers at a total of three schools were ordered into quarantine over the weekend following potential COVID-19 exposures.

In addition to P6 teachers and students at West Pembroke, Northlands Primary School and Purvis Primary were added to the list.

They were also told not to attend “birthday parties, extracurricular activities, social engagements, other places of employment, public places, public transport, grocery stores” and that “non-essential visitors must not enter the home”.

“For children, the child’s main caregivers and close contact within the home, who cannot separate from the child – separate bedroom and bathroom, no common spaces – must also remain at home.”

Both staff and students must be tested for COVID-19 and retested on or after March 30.

A special clinic will be set up at Bull’s Head car park between 1pm and 4pm today.

Students at Northlands were tested on Friday.

To date, potential exposures have been reported at Paget Primary, Dellwood Middle School, Whitney Institute and Devonshire Preschool.