The Ministry of Health reported three new positive cases of COVID-19 in Bermuda in the latest round of 6,535 test results.

Two of the new cases were classified as imported with details as follows:

•        1 resident who arrived on Delta Airline dl 584 from Atlanta on 16 July 2021 and tested positive on their day 4 test

•        1 resident who arrived on British Airways BA 159 from London on 13 July 2021 and tested positive on their day 8 test

“The additional new case is classified as under investigation,” a spokeswoman said.

“This case is among a resident with no currently identified link to other known cases or history of travel in the past 14 days.

“Additionally, there was one (1) recovery and 0 deaths.

“There are currently 17 active cases, of which; 17 are under public health monitoring and zero are in the hospital.

“Since March 2020, Bermuda has recorded 2538 total confirmed cases of COVID-19; out of those, 2488 persons have recovered, and sadly, there were 33 COVID-related deaths,” she added.

The source of all cases is as follows:

·         340 are Imported

·         2,196 are classified as local transmission of which:

o   1,699 are Local transmission with known contact/source and

o   497 are Local transmission with an unknown contact/source

·         2 are Under Investigation

“The Ministry of Health continues to be optimistic about reaching community immunity, albeit at a slower pace. Bermuda has one of the best vaccination records globally, where vaccines have not been mandated in any circumstance. In comparable jurisdictions, guest-workers have been required to get vaccinated to remain in the country, while in Bermuda, we have not taken that approach.”

Effective July 23, for all travellers arriving and onwards:

•             vaccinated travellers on-island testing regime changes to Day 0/4/10 (day 8 and 14 tests are replaced with a Day 10 test)

•                    unvaccinated travellers on-island testing regime remains the same

•                    unvaccinated quarantined at own accommodation: test on day 0,14

•                    unvaccinated quarantined at govt hotel: test on day 0,13, leave on day 14

•                    unvaccinated minors travelling in immunized family will have a Day 0,4,10,14 test schedule

“To be clear, there is a first 14 days test for children which applies to unvaccinated children of vaccinated parents, and those are the children whose tests will be changed from day 4, 8 and 14 to day 4, 10 and 14,” the spokeswoman said.

“These parents and children will be able to walk-in and test on day 8 & 14, so that their children can return to school/camp after day 8.

“As we have under investigation cases, it is essential that all persons adhere to public health guidelines Wear a mask, practice good hand hygiene, maintain physical distance and download the WeHealth Bermuda app. Do the research, talk with your doctor and make an informed decision about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. There is a wealth of information about the vaccines online at

“Avoid the three “Cs”: closed spaces, crowded places and close contact settings.”