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Four people are now in hospital with the coronavirus as three more cases of COVID-19 were recorded on Thursday, bringing the total to 35.

Based on information released so far, it would appear that this deadly virus has affected more men than women and their ages range from 18 to 75.

Earlier this week, when the total number of cases stood at 32, Health Minister Kim Wilson said 19 cases were men and 13 were women.

“Currently, there are 1,206 persons that are under self-quarantine with public health supervision.

“A review of our overall testing numbers, states that out of the 261 tests that we’ve conducted, as we know that 35 are positive, and 204 were negative. The rest of the results are pending,” said Premier David Burt.

In his latest update on Thursday evening, Mr Burt said one of the three new cases arrived here on a British Airways flight on March 18.

A second passenger came in on the same day on Delta 561 from Boston.

The third case is under investigation.

“If you’re on either of those flights on the 18th of March, your quarantine period ended yesterday, 1 April 1,” said Mr Burt.

“If you are feeling fine and have no symptoms, continue to either practice social distancing, remain in your house, and observe the self- quarantine guidelines.

“If you have respiratory symptoms such as a persistent cough or even a mild fever or a sore throat, please contact your doctor.

“Alternately, you can prior to contacting your doctor, you’re welcome to go to the website is listed here,, and look under resources, where you will find a symptom checker which has been released by the Bermuda Hospitals Board. So you can look to see whether or not you may have, or had the symptoms of the coronavirus,” he added.

“When you talk to your doctor explain that you were on one of the mentioned flights, and you would like medical guidance, please as I say all the time, do not go to a doctor’s office or the hospital, call ahead.

“COVID-19 is a deadly disease,” hesaid.

“We have seen how it has devastated towns, cities and countries.”

On the 24-hour lockdown for the two weeks that lie ahead, he said people were “going to have to dig deep” and “be strong”.

But he said he had no doubt that Bermuda would come through on the other side.

“If we do it the right way, it will be the last time this country has to do it,” he said.

He also urged residents to stop panic buying in the lead up to the shutdown.

“Earlier today, I saw the long lines at the grocery stores.

“There’s no need to buy in bulk.

“There’s plenty of food on the island, and there’s enough for us all.”

He noted that grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies will continue to operate over the 14-day shelter in place restrictions.

But based on the long sides witnessed throughout the island on Thursday, it would appear that appeal has fallen on deaf ears.

On the 35 cases recorded so far, the Premier said: “It is important to note that 11 persons have recovered.

“Out of those 35 persons, there are four persons now that are hospitalized and all of those persons are listed in stable condition.

“So again, we have 35 total cases, there are 11 persons that have recovered, 24 active cases and of those 24 active cases four persons are hospitalised.

“Out of the cases, 22 overall, the 35 reported, 11 were local transmission and two were under investigation. Out of the three new confirmed cases, two of them were imported, and one is under investigation,” he added.

As of April 2, there were 1,206 persons that are under self-quarantine with public health supervision.

“A review of our overall testing numbers, states that out of the 261 tests that we’ve conducted, as we know that 35 are positive, and 204 were negative. The rest of the results are pending results,” said Mr Burt.

Overall, he said: “The vast majority of people in Bermuda understand the importance of the curfew and are in their homes by 8pm.

Only one person breached the curfew on Wednesday night.

“That person was detained and held at the Hamilton Police Station and released after curfew.

“Exemptions, can be found for anyone who’s requesting an exemption for curfew at Or you could just visit the website, and you will find the link to the exemption request for there,” he added.

The Premier also ended his update “with some good news” for senior citizens, when he confirmed that pension checks will be delivered today.

“Also, the Minister of Finance confirmed to me earlier today that payments have been processed for 1,142 persons who were all approved to receive benefits under the unemployment fund. Again, 1,142 persons.

“Those payments were processed at our local banking institutions today, and there will be another run that will be performed tomorrow (April 3).

“The Minister of Finance has informed me that the persons whose payments were run out of that fund were paid for the first two weeks of their benefits, not just one, but the first two weeks of their benefits.

“I will close my remarks today with my customary thank you,” he said.

“Thank you to Bermuda’s public health professionals and healthcare workers around the island, who are on the front line, every day. Those are doctors, those are nurses, those are lab technicians, and those are the ones who work in support.

“Persons who cleaned the hospital, orderlies, the persons who preparing food, and otherwise.

“Whether you are persons who are working or picking up garbage around the country, whether you were transporting our people to and from work, whether you are off the streets, making sure that we’ve maintained our curfew, as police officer of a regiment officer. I, on behalf of a grateful country, give you our thanks.

:To my fellow Bermudians, as I say, all the time, we must use this time to define who we are. To do what is right for ourselves in our country. We are going to have to dig deep and be strong, as we prepare to endure 14 days of Sheltering in place. But I have no doubt that we can do it, and if we do it the right way, it’ll be the last time that this country will have to do it. Thank you.”