Sadly, Bermuda recorded another four COVID-related deaths, taking the total number of lives lost due to this virus up to 148.

According to the latest update provided by the Health Ministry, the number of active cases have gone down to 196, with eight people battling COVID-19 in hospital. There are currently no cases under intensive care and there were 226 recoveries.

But the island recorded 163 new cases in the latest round of 4,376 tests.

Health Minister Kim Wilson said: “We are not out of the woods yet with this pandemic.

“To avoid getting infected, wear a face mask and wash and sanitise your hands regularly.

“Maintain a six-foot physical distance from others. Importantly, ensure there is proper ventilation when you are indoors,” she added.

“Fresh air ventilation is essential for any building or internal space and protects all of us from infections such as Covid. Increase fresh air ventilation wherever possible when indoors.”