The clampdown continues for another two months with tough restrictions until June 24.
“The Government’s hope is for the public health emergency to end on that date, bringing an end to 15 months of a state of emergency in Bermuda,” said Mr Burt.
“However, for that to happen, we must eliminate local transmission of this virus.

“If we do not end local transmission, we will not be able to get rid of our masks, or see the end of curfew.”

The Premier also announced tighter border controls saying flights that originated in India, Brazil or South Africa would been banned – effective immediately.

Anyone who had been in any of these countries within 14 days of their arrival in Bermuda would be quarantined for 14 days with an electronic tag.

Moving forward, he warned that “we must keep going in order to reach our goal of community protection which is considered to be achieved when 70 percent of the population has received both doses of the vaccine”.

And non-immunised travellers would have to quarantine from May 2 until a clear Day 4 test.

The time period for a pre-arrival test for visitors to get travel authorisation will also go down from five days to three days.

All non-immunised travellers to Bermuda will be quarantined under supervision for 14 days  “in a designated facility at their own expense”.

For immunised travellers with a negative pretest they will not have to quarantine after a clear arrival test, but they will still be required to be tested on Days 4, 8 and 14.

Immunised returned residents without a clear pre-arrival test will have to quarantine until they get a clear Day 4 test.

And there will be exemptions on supervised quarantine on medical grounds and for minors.

“All other persons will be required to enter supervised quarantine so that we can protect our island from the introduction of new variants,” said Mr Burt.

“I recognise that different treatment at the border for those who are immunised and non-immunised my cause alarm, but strong leadership requires making difficult decisions.

“Bermuda has not gone as far to require immunisations – however, non-immunised travellers will be subject to a different regime upon arrival,” he added.

“Getting the vaccine is a personal choice and I urge you to speak to your doctor to discuss whether the vaccine is medically safe for you to take.

“Early evidence also shows that persons who are immunised are less likely to spread the virus if they have been infected – something I can speak to directly as none of my family tested positive.

“Those that are not vaccinated are more likely to test positive for a coronavirus infection and are more likely to spread that infection to others, therefore our changes at the border will ensure that we minimise that risk as much as possible.”

While noting that if “all of the data metrics allow” and “we are successful in continuing to reduce local transmission”,  the Premier said “it is envisioned Phase 2 can commence on Sunday May 9th” and that “we would be able to progress to Phase 3 on June 6th”.

Following the seven-day Stay at Home Order, this past Tuesday we commenced Phase 1 of 3 on our Roadmap to Reopening,” he said.

“This current phase, when combined with 7 day stay at home order, will be for a total of four weeks.

“If the data allows, it is envisioned Phase 2 can commence on Sunday May 9th, Mother’s Day. Phase 2 will see the end of restrictions on household mixing, as well as reopening of schools, leisure facilities, churches, gyms, outdoor dining and limited personal care services,” he added.

“Due to our desire to eliminate local transmission, there will be continued restrictions on activities, gathering sizes and a curfew will remain in place during this time. The Government will continue to provide financial support to businesses and individuals who are directly affected by the restrictions.

“Provided that we are successful in continuing to reduce local transmission, and all of the data metrics allow, after four weeks in Phase 2 we would be able to progress to Phase 3 on June 6th.

“This will permit the reopening of all other businesses which were not opened in the previous phase. A determination on the need to continue the curfew and other restrictions such as gathering sizes will be based on the data at that time,” said Mr Burt.

“June 6th will also be the date that the 14 day supervised quarantine for all non-immunised travellers comes into place. If all goes well following the commencement of Phase 3, and we are successful in eliminating local case transmission through compliance with restrictions and increased vaccinations, the Public Health emergency will be allowed to expire on June 24.

“But the end of the Public Health Emergency in Bermuda is up to all of us as a community.”