News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – As a reminder, starting Monday (May 4), limited public-facing Government services will be available.

These services include the Transport Control Department, the Office of the Tax Commissioner, and ground floor cashiers in both the Government Administration Building and the Dame Lois Brown Evans Building. Public access to Government offices will be limited.

The public is advised to take note of the following standard practices and procedures when attending Government offices; specific locations may have additional criteria in place.

Testing of Body Temperature – Before entering any Government building, a Government official will request that all persons have their body temperature taken with an infrared (touchless) thermometer.

Wearing of Face Masks – To gain entry into any Government building, all persons must wear a face mask. Persons without a face mask will be refused entry.

Hand Sanitiser – Hand sanitizer stations will be set up at each point of entry. All persons must sanitize their hands before entry.

Use of Elevators – Depending on size, only one or two persons may ride in an elevator at the same time.  Signage will be affixed to the outside of each elevator indicating the number of persons allowed in at the same time.

Use of Stairs – To encourage social distancing and reduce the potential spread of COVID-19, the use of stairs is recommended.

Social Distancing – For the convenience of those entering Government buildings and to ensure social distancing, markings at 6 foot intervals will be placed outside entranceways.

Government officials will be located at entranceways and signage will be affixed to the front of each building to advise of the practices and procedures in place.

The Ministry of Public Works apologises for any inconvenience and thanks the public for their patience, cooperation, understanding, and continued practice of social distancing to keep Bermuda safe from the spread of COVID-19.