Only two new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the latest round of tests received by the Ministry of Health as the number of active cases dropped down to 136 – the lowest number of active cases since the 113 cases on March 23.

Speaking at the latest COVID-19 briefing last night, Health Minister Kim Wilson said there are still nine people in hospital battling the coronavirus, with two patients in the Intensive Care Unit.

Premier David Burt said: “Due to our collective efforts we have seen our positive case numbers steadily decrease, and local transmission begin to significantly slow.

“We are just about at 50 percent of our entire population being fully immunised, and we have already implemented stronger protections at our borders which will be strengthened in the coming weeks.

“We are doing what is necessary today, for a normal future tomorrow.”

To date, the Minister said 48 percent of the island’s population had full immunisation. Another six percent have received one dose of the vaccine.

The breakdown:

· 73 percent of those aged 80 or older were now fully vaccinated and a further seven per cent had had one dose

· 69 percent of 65- to 79-year-olds had full vaccination and six per cent had had one dose

· 61 percent of 50- to 64-year-olds had been given both jabs and seven per cent had had one dose and

· 34 percent of 16- to 49-year-olds were fully vaccinated and seven per cent had had one dose.

“We continue to see our numbers getting better. Our number of active cases is falling, and our recoveries are increasing. This is all good news,” said Ms Wilson.

“But we must continue to take this pandemic seriously. We are still in community transmission with 136 active cases, compared with 8 active cases just three months ago.

“There is still a high risk in our community that people can contract the virus.

“We are trying to prevent new outbreaks, and I remain concerned that if we have social gatherings and events and mixing of households, we will have more cases,” she added.

“So, gatherings and mixing of households should be minimal, if they happen at all.

“Similarly, while working from home is no longer mandatory, we strongly recommend that those who are able, continue to do so.”