No new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the latest round of 240 test results received by the Ministry of Health since the last update and there were no recoveries.

Speaking at the COVID briefing on Tuesday (Feb 23), Health Minister Kim Wilson said: “Bermuda has 703 total confirmed positive cases.”

Their status is as follows.

There are 10 active cases, of which

·         9 are under public health monitoring and

·         1 is in hospital with none in critical care

·         a total of 681 have recovered, and

·         the total deceased remains at 12

The source of all cases is as follows:

·         209 are Imported

·         493 are classified as local transmission of which:

·         402 are Local transmission with known contact/source and

·         91 are Local transmission with an unknown contact/source

·         1 is Under Investigation

As investigations proceed, transmission categories may change.

“I must emphasise the public health measures put in place over the Christmas and New Year period, and since then, were critical in controlling the most recent outbreak,” the Minister added.

“Having all residents and visitors adhere to these measures was what enabled our country status changed from ‘clusters of cases’ to ‘sporadic cases’. We have provided the necessary information to the Centres for Disease Control to aid in a reassessment of our destination health risk level. Currently, we are classified as Level 4 (COVID-19 risk is very high) but our metrics put us at Level 1 (COVID-19 risk is low).

“For those who are travelling, I will remind you, again, that if you need outbound COVID-19 tests you must book yourself in for outbound travel testing via one of the community sites at Penno’s Wharf, Bull’s Head or Star of India at least two days before the date you plan to leave Bermuda. This meets the 72-hour rule imposed by the US, UK and Canada, and gives the MDL lab time to process your results.

“Do not get the test the day before travel or, worse, on the day of travel as this leaves no room for unexpected delays.

“You can book through: There will be no walk-ins.

“Also, starting next week, all the community testing sites will have the same operational hours of 10am to 4pm,” she added.


Now that “the sixth full week of vaccinations” have been completed, she said: “A total of 16,377 vaccinations – a figure that rises to 17,073 if you include yesterday’s vaccinations as well! – all of which is an impressive achievement.

“Of the 16,377 vaccinations administered for the period we are reporting on which ends February 20, 9,028 (or 55%) are women, and, 7,349 (or 45%) are men.

“Bermuda’s goal of “herd immunity” will be achieved when 70% of the population (64,054) has been immunized. To date, 18% of the population has been vaccinated (with 1 dose) and 7% of the population has been immunized (with 2 doses).

“Each week since January 11 has seen an increase in the number of vaccinations administered, with 3,804 vaccinations delivered last week.”

The public has accessed these vaccines as follows:

·         The Vaccination Centre at Bermuda College (previously at the Police Recreation Club) administered 9,373 or 57% of vaccinations,

·         6,119 or 37% were administered at the Bermuda Hospitals Board Vaccination Centre,

·         744 or 5% were administered at rest homes and long term care facilities, and

·         141 or 1% were administered at Other Vaccination Sites.

Assessed against Bermuda’s vaccination priority targets:-

In Phase 1A

·         1,605 persons or 51% of those aged 80 years and older have been vaccinated. 638 have had one vaccination, and 967 (31%) are fully immunized.

·         373 person or 50% of residents in rest homes and long term care have been vaccinated. 72 have had one vaccination, and 301 (41%) are fully immunized.

·         1,303 health care workers or 53% have been vaccinated. 347 have had one vaccination and 956 (39%) are fully immunized.

·         1,316 essential workers or 56% have been vaccinated. 596 have had one vaccination and 720 (30%) are fully immunized.

 In Phase 1B

·         4,193 persons or 44% of those aged 65 – 79 years have been vaccinated. 2,533 have had one vaccination and 1,660 (17%) are fully immunized. 

“These are great results so far, and I would like to thank all those who have taken the step to get their vaccination to protect themselves, their families and our community,” said Ms Wilson.

“To the week ending February 20, 19,389 persons have registered their interest in getting vaccinated.”

The breakdown is as follows:

·         4,445 Black

·         9,208 White

·         2,124 Mixed or Other, and,

·         3,612 Prefer not to say or Not Specified.

The Minister also announced a new “partnership with the Ministry of Health and Age Concern Bermuda to provide assistance to their members to receive the COVID-19 vaccine”.

“Starting next Monday March 1, adults aged 50+ who require assistance with transportation to their scheduled vaccine appointment can call Age Concern on  238 7525 to arrange free transportation. In order to receive this free service, individuals must have already registered and received their vaccination appointment.

“The transportation is being provided by Project Action and will include travel to and drop-off after your vaccination appointment, and is good for travel to vaccinations at both the Hospital and the Vaccination Centre at Bermuda College.

“These types of partnerships are vital as we must all work together to ensure that everyone who wants to be vaccinated, has the opportunity to do so.”