Bermuda Real has been informed by reliable sources that sadly, COVID-19 has claimed another life,  a well known Bermudian, whose family,friends and former coleagues are now grappling with their loss.

Before word of this latest death, the death toll due to COVID-19 in Bermuda stood at 35.

No official word yet from the Government on just where we stand, in terms of figures, since the surge in the number of active cases escalated due to the highly contagious Delta variant on island.

In fact, efforts to pin down when the next update will be released by the Government, up to the time of publication, went unanswered.

The last update was released last week.

Meanwhile, a social media post by Dr Carika Weldon, in a ‘Testing Update’, said: “As of right now, all September 12 has been tested and resulted.

“Out of the 2,922 samples received on September 13: 1,466 (50%) have results, 325 are in + pools and have to be redone as individuals, 1,131 (39%) still to be tested.

“Aiming for all to be done by EoD.”

That post was published this morning (Sept 14) on Twitter.

We will be updating this report as more information comes in.