The Government’s objective is to limit the movement of the general public to prevent the wide spread of the COVID-19 virus in Bermuda. To achieve this, under the Emergency Powers Regulations (COVID-19 Shelter in Place) Regulations 2020, the Government has instituted a curfew.
The following Guidance is being issued to:
i) provide clarity for the public;
ii) achieve the Government’s social distancing objectives and reduce spread of the
virus; and
iii) avoid excessive waiting times at permitted businesses.
Opening Hours:
During the curfew, a permitted business may open between the hours of 7am to 7pm only (except for a hospital or other health facility).
Permitted Businesses:
A Permitted Business is a retail grocery store, pharmacy, bank, gas station, office of a registered health practitioner, clinic, hospital or other health facility (including a veterinary surgery).
The owner or operator of a permitted business must ensure that all staff and customers maintain appropriate social distancing (at the premises and during any deliveries).
I. Requirements for Deliveries
Grocery Store & Pharmacy Deliveries:
Grocery store and pharmacy deliveries are permitted using the established delivery methods as communicated to, and authorised by, the Minister of National Security on the website www.gov.bm/coronavirus.
Authorized Persons:
Deliveries can be performed only by those persons having the express permission of the Minister. Grocery stores and pharmacies should obtain such approval by submitting an application to https://forms.gov.bm/covid-19/shelter.
Instructions for Delivery Companies:
The delivery protocol is to call the customer on arrival at the home and leave the bags on the customer’s doorsteps to ensure social distancing is maintained.
II. Guidance for Pharmacies
  • Essential visits to pharmacies are permitted.
  • There are no restrictions on the days of the week.
III. Guidance for Grocery Stores, and Gas Stations
  • Grocery stores, and gas station essential visits should be made on specific days of the week according to your surname.
  • Effective Monday 6 April, 2020 for essential visits:
a. Surnames beginning with A through L: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
b. Surnames beginning with M through Z: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • Where practical, only one household member should travel for groceries (this must NOT be a person who is subject to a 14 day self-quarantine or who is in isolation)
  • Single parents of young children may take their children with them. Other than this scenario, we strongly discourage children from attending grocery stores, please.
  • Persons must have valid ID (a utility bill can also be presented). All forms of ID must have your full name so that it can be checked and verified.
  • Only Senior Citizens over 65 years of age and Physically Challenged Citizens should make essential visits on Sundays.
  • Seniors and the physically challenged can also go on any day that corresponds with their last name, but Sunday is set aside for these groups.
All premises are reminded of Section 9 (3) and (4), which states:
The owner or operator of a permitted business shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that all staff and customers maintain appropriate social distancing (at the premises and during any deliveries), and shall comply with any further directions of
  • the Minister of Health regarding cleaning and sanitisation, as published on the website