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The Government is “taking a closer look at the current grocery store last name policy to see how this can be more effective and balanced”.

This after one photograph in particular, blew up on social media on Wednesday of the long line outside of Lindo’s in Warwick before 7am.

Minister of National Security, Wayne Caines provided the update during the daily COVID-19 press briefing yesterday.

We continue to see an increase of individuals who are moving about before 7am.

“This is concerning. I think it’s important to remind the public that under the Shelter in Place guidelines, persons are only allowed to move about for legitimate reasons between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

We are looking at including three segments instead of the two segments that we currently have,” said Mr Caines.

“We believe that this will alleviate some of the long lines that we are seeing at our grocery stores.

“We will be making the necessary legislative changes and will provide an update to the public accordingly.”

Regarding the issue of exemptions for the next 14 days of Shelter in Place, Minister Caines said: “The Ministry of National Security continues to work legislatively on a process to for persons to have their Curfew Exemptions extended until May 2, without the requirement to re-apply. Once this is formally in place, the public will be updated.”

The Royal Bermuda Regiment (RBR) continue their deployment across the island providing support in a variety of capacities.

In partnership with the BPS the Community Advisory Points recorded a total of 11,165 stops over a 24-hour period (April 14 – 15). Of these 53 were advised to return home.

The RBR is reminding the public to please have their identification on hand in order to avoid delays at the check points.

Minister Caines also advised that the BPS marine officers and Bermuda Coast Guard continue to maintain a daily presence on the waters.

However, the Minister expressed his concern that “we are seeing an increase of unauthorized pleasure crafts on the water”.

“Bermuda, the Shelter in Place guidelines extends to our surrounding waters,” he said.

On Wednesday, “the unit continued to observe individuals fishing at various locations and using the beaches and parks”, he added.

Again – we are reminding you that any vessel or individual that is not authorized to be on the water will be redirected home and in many cases dealt with by the Bermuda Police Service.”

And lastly, the Minister provided some fire safety tips for the public, particularly those who are contemplating burning trash in their yards.

“With more people at home during this Shelter in Place period, the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service is issuing a timely fire safety advisory.

“We recognize that during this time residents are using the opportunity to clean their properties of unwanted horticultural waste, garden clippings and lawn waste.

“Residents are reminded that they are only allowed to burn horticultural waste.

“You should not be burning trash such as lumber, plastics or furniture, either on the ground or in a barrel,” said the Minister.

So we are taking this opportunity to remind you of the correct procedures for burning horticultural waste on your property.”

Residents should note:

  1. Before starting a controlled burn you should notify the BFRS Dispatch on 296-7559 and give the following information:

·         Name

·         Address

·         Contact Number

·         Approximate Duration of the Controlled Burn

  1. Ensure that the area where the burning is going to take place is a minimum of ten (10) feet away from any buildings, trees or other combustible materials.
  1. A garden hose or other means of completely extinguishing the controlled burn should be readily available.
  1. The controlled burn should constantly monitored; and
  1. Upon completion, the controlled burn should be fully extinguished and the BFRS Dispatch notified.

If at any time during the controlled burn the smoke becomes a nuisance to neighbors the fire must be extinguished immediately.

For more information about controlled burning please contact the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service Fire Prevention Division at or 292-5555