The recent Shelter in Place Order to limit the spread of coronavirus in Bermuda, also put a shutdown on household laundry issues for residents who use laundromats.

Stay tuned for the full breakdown on that to be announced on Thursday.

Speaking at the latest government news conference on Tuesday, Premier David Burt said: “A subcommittee has been
created to address a number of community concerns, including the need for laundromats to open and access to business supplies to make the best use of time at home for repairs to our own homes or upgrades, while we have to remain at our homes.

The committee will make recommendations on how to address legitimate concerns raised during the initial Shelter in Place Order, under the simple condition that households continue to not mingle with other households, and to maintain social
distance,” he added.

“The committee will make recommendations and the determinations will be announced on Thursday to give persons, time to plan for the next two weeks.”