Fairmont Southampton, “along with management company Accor, has taken proactive measures to support its employees and partners through the economic and health crisis posed by COVID-19”.

According to the statement released this weekend, a spokesperson said the fund was created to support employees hardest hit by unemployment due to the pandemic.

To date, 212 hotel employees at Fairmont Southampton have received support in excess of $116,000.

“A global special purpose reserve created to provide critical financial support to those members of the Accor family hit hardest by the pandemic,” the spokesperson added.

“Grants are allocated to assist with essential needs, such as food and groceries, housing, utility bills and medical expenses for hotel “Heartists” [employees] facing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19.”

Kiaran MacDonald, Regional Vice President, Caribbean & General Manager at Fairmont Southampton added: “We wish to express our solidarity and gratitude to all those demonstrating courage and selflessness during this crisis.

“The tourism industry is going through tough times, but resilience is a hallmark of our industry that will serve us well in the future.

“The ALL Heartist Fund amplifies the numerous initiatives already in place at the regional and local level to support hotel employees.”