Premier David Burt disclosed tonight that we have four new cases of the deadly coronavirus in Bermuda.

In his latest press briefing this evening, he said there were three new cases that came in from abroad and that one of them had passed the virus on to a family member.

He said there had been three new cases that came in from overseas and one of those had passed the coronavirus on to a family member.

The good news – none of the new cases required hospitalisation.

But Mr Burt warned that the number of COVID-19 cases would continue to rise, which is why he said most retail stores and cinemas were ordered to shutdown.

Thirteen new tests were conducted today – another 17 were carried out on Saturday. The results from these latest tests are still pending.

Another 11 tests were carried out on Friday – ten were negative – one tested positive.

To date, some 1,400 people employed in Bermuda’s hotel industry have been laid off as a direct result of COVID-19.

The news conference, which was due to get underway at 7pm at the Cabinet Building was delayed.

We’ll have more in subsequent reports.