The appeal for residents to dress back and take only what they need instead of panic buying at local grocery stores, one day before the 24-hour lockdown, that appeal appears to be falling on deaf ears.

Some shoppers said they stood on line for more than an hour on Thursday.

By Friday, those lines were not as long but they are still there.

At one west end outlet, bread delivered on Thursday was nearly sold out by noon on Friday.

Items like bleach are hard to come by and when it is available, price conscious shoppers will know that the price has gone up from what it was a week ago.

A number of grocery stores came out with new guidelines today – guidelines that place healthcare workers, the elderley and the disabled in a separate category.

Lindo’s released the following statement today:

“In this trying time, we want to ensure that those on the front lines, looking after us all and keeping things running smoothly, get the support and supplies that they need.

As such, Arnold’s, Lindo’s, Harrington Hundreds, Marketplace, Miles and SuperMart will be extending priority entrance to our stores for all essential workers over the next two weeks.

“Those who qualify must present themselves to security on arrival at the store with a valid work ID or a letter from their employer. They will then be admitted to the store at the next available opportunity.

“We also recognise that we need to assist those most vulnerable, so those who are disabled may have priority entrance, if they provide a valid disabled person’s card.

“We would remind everyone to please be mindful of maintaining six feet distance from our employees and fellow shoppers and to wash/sanitise your hands before entering the store. \

“We also want to stress that each household must limit themselves to one shopper and that they should only buy what they need for one week’s worth of groceries as directed by the Government.”

Shoppers at MaxiMart were greeted by the security officer with similar hand outs.

The bottom line, when you go to the grocery store or gas station – expect to wait on line for however long it takes.