The 24-hour ‘Shelter in Place’ order that goes into effect on Saturday morning has pushed back court cases scheduled for the next two weeks.

A circular released by Supreme Court Registrar Alexander Wheatly said hearings set down to take place between April 6 through to April 17 in both the upper and lower courts should be adjourned.

“If an application is of extreme urgency. the parties must contact the Court by e-mail immediately and explain the urgency of the matter so that this may be taken into consideration,” she said.

“The Court will make every effort to list any application that is considered urgent, with such urgency to be determined by the presiding judge.”

In cases of extreme urgency, parties may be required to attend court, she added.

But it can be requested that the hearings be carried out by phone or audiovisual technology.

Meanwhile, all Traffic Court matters in Magistrates’ Court set to be heard between April 6 and 17 will be pushed back until July, at the very least.

The Supreme Court Registries,the cashier’s desk and Magistrates’ Court will remain closed until April 20.

The circular also included a full list of proposed dates.

“We will continue to review and monitor the above and whether they should be extended and/or expanded, and the public will be advised concerning any changes,” said Ms Wheatly.

“We thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we navigate through these unprecedented times, and apologise for any inconvenience the above may cause.”