Police and Royal Bermuda Regiment (RBR) soldiers recorded a total of 18,083 stops over the holiday weekend despite the Shelter in Place order, with more than 10,000 checks conducted on Saturday alone.

Minister of National Security, Wayne Caines provided a breakdown on the Community Advisory Checkpoints deployed across the island during the daily COVID-19 briefing on Monday.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Good Friday – 5,056
  • Saturday – 10,025
  • Easter Sunday – 3,002

The Minister also issued another reminder to the public that the current Shelter in Place guidelines in place are allowed for people to move about for legitimate reasons only during the hours of 7am to 7pm.

Regarding “the numbers of people who do not seem to be adhering to the Shelter in Place guidelines”, he saidL “While the majority of the population remain compliant, we still have instances in our community where people simply are blatantly not obeying the regulations.

“Over the weekend the public will be aware that Bermuda Police Service were considerably busy during the holiday period responding to a number of issues to do with loud music, numerous gatherings of multiple people, and reports of individuals moving about on our roads and in restricted areas.

“The BPS indicated that over the last week, they have executed 32 arrests,” said Mr Caines.

“Twenty-one of these were curfew related and 11 were for non-essential movement.

“There were also 111 warnings issued for breaches to the guidelines.

“Also this weekend, the Bermuda Coast Guard conducted maritime patrols in the east and west ends, covering all harbours and most inlets. On Sunday various vessels including 10 registered fishing vessels were stopped.”

“The RBR intercepted kayakers at Abbots Cliff in Harrington Sound, and swimmers in St George’s were issued advisories in keeping with Shelter in Place regulations.”

On the Government run Quarantine facilities, he added: “Currently we have around 215 individuals in five facilities.

“I just wish to extend our appreciation to Bermuda Police Service Reserve Officers who are working with our Disaster Risk Reduction Mitigation or DRRM Team at the quarantine locations.

“I also wish to take a moment to commend the members of our DRRM Team – who for the past four weeks have done a yeoman’s job in managing these sites, often under incredible demands and strain.

“Throughout it all, they have demonstrated extreme professionalism and integrity, and as Minister, I am very thankful for their service.

“This week we will continue with the Essential care package drop offs which will take place tomorrow, Tuesday April 14 and Friday. April 17. The drop off time is from 1pm – 5pm.

“Again, the essential care package should contain key items such as toiletries, medication and essential foods, inclusive of any special dietary items.”