News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Department of Education is providing parents and the public with a second update on school openings. As of 3pm yesterday (Jan 5), the following schools have been confirmed to open:


Nine out of ten preschools will be fully or partially open for students as of today, January 6th, 2022.

The following eight preschools will be fully open:

  • St George’s Preschool
  • Lyceum Preschool
  • Devonshire Preschool
  • Prospect Preschool
  • St Paul’s Preschool
  • Warwick Preschool
  • Southampton Preschool
  • Lagoon Park Preschool

Victor Scott Preschool will be open for specific classes today.

All parents were sent communication earlier this afternoon from Preschool leaders to advise of school openings.

Parents will be informed as soon as St David’s Preschool is ready to receive students.

Primary Schools

Fifteen out of eighteen primary schools will be fully or partially open as of today, January 6th, 2022.

The following nine primary schools will be fully open tomorrow:

  • Dalton E Tucker
  • East End Primary
  • Victor Scott Primary
  • West Pembroke Primary
  • Gilbert Institute
  • Francis Patton
  • West End Primary
  • Somerset Primary
  • St George’s Preparatory

The following six primary schools will be open for specific classes, with many of the schools listed below open for the majority of their students:

  • Heron Bay Primary
  • Prospect Primary
  • Paget Primary
  • Purvis Primary
  • Elliot Primary
  • Northlands Primary

Parents and guardians were emailed on yesterday (Jan 5) by school Principals advising of the primary school openings.

The Department of Education will update parents, guardians and the public once the remaining three primary schools, Harrington Sound, Port Royal and St. David’s Primary are ready to receive students. Staff from these three schools will continue to provide assignments for students.

Middle, Senior, Success Academy Robert’s Avenue and DAME

Success Academy Robert’s Avenue and Clearwater Middle School will be open to receive students today, January 6th.

The three remaining middle schools, Dellwood Middle, Sandys Secondary Middle School and Whitney Institute Middle School have not reached the staffing levels to allow in-person learning. Parents of these three middle schools are advised that these schools will provide remote learning for students starting this morning.

Staffing levels for Senior Schools and Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy have not reached the level for in-person learning.

Both senior schools are prepared for remote learning starting this morning.

The Acting Minister of Education,Tinée Furbert, stated: “We continue to make notable progress with school openings for Term 2. We thank MDL, our principals, teachers, staff and parents for your support, and we are very pleased that additional students can report to school for in-person learning.”