News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – “This training programme underscores our focus on continuous professional development,” said Acting Minister of National Security Vance Campbell.

The Department of Corrections announces that 37 staff members have successfully completed a Leadership and Management training course offered in collaboration with the APACE Centre at Bermuda College.

This achievement was celebrated on May 16 during the Bermuda College graduation ceremony. The course, which ran from 29 February to May 13, 2024, was designed to equip Corrections staff with critical leadership and management skills.

Participants included senior ranking officers, civilian supervisors, managers, and Basic Officers who had passed the Corrections Promotions Qualifying Exam.

The training sessions, held weekly in two groups, were rigorous. They required a minimum passing mark of 70 percent and culminated in a comprehensive two-hour final exam.

Minister Campbell added: “The skills acquired by our Corrections staff will not only enhance their leadership capabilities but also contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our Department.”

Commissioner of Corrections Keeva Joell-Benjamin also praised the graduates, saying: “We believe that our staff are our greatest asset, capable of driving positive change within our Department.

“The completion of this course reflects our dedication to providing continuous training opportunities that empower our team to excel in their roles.”

The course modules were meticulously chosen to align with the Department’s administrative and operational needs, focusing on targeted leadership outcomes.

The programme’s structure encouraged active participation and intentional learning, with participants being tested after each session to reinforce their understanding and application of the material.

By investing in the professional growth of its staff, the Department aims to ensure that the mission and vision of the Department of Corrections are upheld and advanced.

Department of Corrections 2024 APACE graduates

Group 1

Sabrina Bourne, Darynda Caisey-Brown, Michael Christopher, James Codrington, Thereasa DeRoza, DeOnie Furbert, Shawn Gibbons, Dwight Richards, Gladwin Simons, Julee Smith, Scott Turner, Winette Thomas, Laura Walker

Group 2

Arturo Attride-Stirling, Caltequa Blakeney, Lisa Brewster, RoChae Browne, Jasmine Brunson, Keysha Burgess, Celia Correia, Ronald Darrell, Norriette Davis, Shannon DeRoza, Jason Dill, Rahim Dill, Daron Harvey, Dominic Franklin, Milton Jones, Marco Piper, Dekhari Scott, Timothy Seon, Marvin Trott, Kyla Walker, Jaret Walker, David Wilson, Linje Woods