News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Conyers Trust Services (Bermuda) Limited (Conyers Trust) is pleased to announce the promotion of Trey Tucker to the position of Trust Administrator. This achievement reflects Conyers’ commitment to nurturing talent and fostering opportunities for young Bermudians.

The Conyers Trust trainee programme is designed to develop local talent by providing practical hands-on experience, mentorship, and invaluable exposure to the intricacies of the trust services sector. Spanning a duration of 12 to 18 months, the training covers learning about various facets of trusts, including trustee duties and obligations, fiduciary and regulatory requirements, policies and procedures, ethics and professional standards, as well as systems and soft skills.

There is a strong emphasis on facilitating career development, enabling trainees to excel in their roles and make meaningful contributions to the firm.”

Tina J Laws, Head of Trust, said: “The trainee programme equips participants to acquire core trust administrative skills and experience in readiness for a Trust Administrator role. In addition to a number of mentors, our trainees are provided with a designated Coach who is responsible for providing mentorship support, assisting with the progress of the programme, offering guidance on prioritising workload, and acts as a partner alongside the Trust Managers as the Trainee develops through the rotation schedule.”

Mr Tucker’s progression to becoming a Trust Administrator exemplifies the success of the programme.

Mr. Tucker said: “The coaching and mentorship within the Conyers Trust programme was insightful; each one brought a unique perspective, expertise, and personality to the table. This diversity of thought allowed me to approach different challenges with a multi-faceted understanding and to apply my personal problem-solving abilities.”

Mr Tucker encourages aspiring young Bermudians contemplating a career in corporate or trust services to seize the opportunity.

Mr. Tucker said: “The opportunity to be surrounded by an experienced, tenacious team who are invested in your development is one that shouldn’t be taken for granted. The tools needed to excel within your respective field will be there; it’s up to you as to how much you achieve based on your application and work ethic.”

Conyers Trust has a long and established history in building strong relationships with clients. The breadth of Conyers’ trust experience provides for an offering of professional trustee services across an array of trusts including private trustee companies, pensions, discretionary and fixed interest, charitable and non-charitable purpose trusts and commercial trust structures.

The team comprises experts dedicated to providing tailored solutions to an extensive client base. Opportunities within Conyers Trust Services offer a fulfilling work environment for individuals aspiring to build successful careers in the industry.

More information about opening roles and how to apply can be found on the Conyers website.