News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The public will recall the September 2022 release of the position paper on Addressing the Challenge of an Ageing Population in Bermuda, highlighting this demographic shift’s impact on our economy. 

To help address this challenge, the Government is creating a Strategic Policy Paper on Expanding the Working Population of Bermuda. It will contain strategic initiatives for implementation aimed at improving and expanding the economy and increasing the working population. 

The public is invited to contribute their insight, ideas and feedback to help ensure that decisions made are in agreement with and benefits the community. For example, we are seeking submissions to include in our Strategic Policy Paper that focus on the following:

  • Immigration, emigration, new business development and labour policy changes for current and future sectors;
  • Driving investment, innovation and improved opportunities for a sustainable Bermuda; and,
  • Expansion of current and future sectors and activities to promote sustainable growth, increased job creation and accelerated recovery

While not exhaustive, this list will help provide points of interest and stimulate ideas yet to be discussed or discovered. Essentially, there is a need to deliver better outcomes, build investment opportunities, create jobs and sustain employment activities.

All are encouraged to make their submissions through the Bermuda Citizen’s Forum consultation page Addressing the Challenge of an Ageing Population in Bermuda. The consultation period will end on 1st March 2023. 

The Minister of Economy and Labour, Jason Hayward, explained, “We must continue investing in products, people and technology and working with the private and public sectors to improve our competitiveness and develop processes that provide equal access and opportunity for all. The actions we take now will shape the future of our community, and I urge everyone to contribute their thoughts and work together to solve this critical challenge facing the future of Bermuda.”