As a parent, I can’t imagine having to travel all the way to India for a child’s graduation. I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around that long flight to the UK.

As a long-time former colleague, associate and friend in this business, I’ve known YOU Sherri Simmons, since you were a baby girl. And your husband, well he’s from Somerset – enough said.

I remember when you became a mother, a few years ahead of me, with the birth of your first child. And I remember the tragic loss of his father as well.

Then I remember, sometime after – can’t remember how long – but I remember the day you came to work all bubbly like you were walking on water – all smiles, happy and glowing. That was way back before Power 95 was whatever it was before that – my short term memory is very short these days!

Anyway, it was around lunch time news time, and I was dashing to make deadlines. I remember asking what’s up with you and all this glow today, and you grinned.

Then you went on and on about this guy you met and that he was it, that he was the one, how he came out of nowhere after you had been through such a difficult time. And you went on and on and on, and I was like Sherri I have got to go.

Then I remember you telling me that you were having another baby and I was really happy for you. But in my mind I was thinking “she must be out of her mind”.

Then came Nasir – the mirror image of YOU – and an awesome combination of the two of you! 

Once again, enough said.

Nasir, I know your grandparents, your parents, your brother, your entire family and massive number of friends must be proud.

I’m sitting here early this morning thinking to myself, I was 17 when I left for university. I know I will never forget that last hug my mother gave me that day when it came down to saying that last goodbye at the airport.

She damn near squeezing the living breath out of me and I walked away thinking if I want my degree I have got to do this.

I remember sending my one and only son to the airport with his dad at 17, to train professionally at Club MX in the USA for two years.

I remember knowing full well that if I went to the airport I would be a flipping mess! So, when it was time, I hugged him and walked away. I didn’t really cry until the next day!

Anyway, he’s gone again and I’m over it because this time, I went to the airport with him. As a mother though – I still struggle with letting them go! But then again, that’s our role!

Most of all, at the young age of 17, Nasir your dad tells me that you have “multiple offers from schools in the UK”.

“He will be deciding which of the offers he will accept,” said Jamahl Simmons.

Nasir attended St George’s Prep and Somersfield Academy, before attending Marinara Junior College in Pune, India for two years.

He’s also a former Spelldown champion and winner of the Bermuda Police Service Commissioner for a Day competition.

It has truly been an honour to watch you and your brother grow, both up close and persona,l and from a distance.

Watching a boy child transform into a man-child from before the beginning, right through the passage of turning BOYZ2MEN is something I’ve been blessed with firsthand experience!

God Bless You & Keep You Nasir! Keep Going! Congratulations! See YOU when YOU get HOME!