Officers from the Bermuda Police Service Community Policing Unit joined with members of the community in a continued search for 26-year-old Chavelle Dillon Brangman who has not been seen or communicated with for the past three weeks.

A police spokesman said: “The community based initiative was organised by Community Activist Antonio Belvedere who told us he felt compelled to get involved in the effort to locate Mrs Dillion-Burgess, not only because he personally knows her, but also because it was the right thing to do as a member of this community to help the police.
“He added there is an eighteen-month old boy who needs his mother, we need to find her.
“Sergeant Cerepha Bridgeman of the Community Policing Unit, applauded Mr Belvedere and the other members of the community who came out to assist with the search for Mrs Burgess.
“Sergeant Bridgeman recounted that the various units within the BPS, along with the Royal Bermuda Regiment, have been searching for Mrs Burgess since she was first reported as missing on Thursday, April 30, 2020.
“Drones, social media, the dissemination of posters and traditional media releases have all been employed as part of the ongoing search effort.
Sergeant Bridgeman stated: “It’s good to see that the community are part of efforts in helping.
“All hands on deck makes the job much easier.”
Assistant Commissioner of Police Antoine Daniels echoed the sentiments of Sergeant Cerepha Bridgeman in expressing a sincere “thank you” to Mr Belvedere and his team for volunteering to assist officers with their attempts to locate Mrs Dillion-Burgess.
He said: “It’s critical that members of a small community such as Bermuda is, combine their efforts by working in partnership to improve community safety, particularly under these types of circumstances.”
Mr Daniels added : “The BPS will continue to focus their efforts on locating Mrs Dillion-Burgess and have now opened an formal investigation into her disappearance.
“I take this opportunity to renew appeals for anyone with any information, no matter how minor you believe it may be, to make contact with Police on telephone number 211, or by calling the Confidential Crime Stoppers number, 800-8477.

Friends, colleagues and community members took part in the search for Ms Dillon-Burgess on Tuesday.

Small groups of people wearing face masks searched along the Railway Trail and neighbouring properties, and spoke with members of the public.

Mr Belvedere called for search volunteers via social media, on Facebook on Monday night.

Volunteers included the missing mother’s job colleagues at Fairmont Southampton.

Acting Superintendent Arthur Glasford told a news conference on Monday: “It is highly uncommon for Chavelle to not make contact with her loved ones and close friends.”

Rose Belboda, Ms Dillon-Burgess’s mother, also urged the public for help to find her daughter.

Once again, anyone with information that could help the inquiry should contact police at 247-1624 or the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.