News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – Heritage Month is entering its final stretch, but the awareness of Bermudian talent continues. This week the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs will formally launch a new website called The Creative Catalogue (Creatives.BM).

The Creative Catalogue, or Creatives.BM will be unveiled on May 31st.

It’s a free website that provides a platform for Bermudian creatives to produce public online profiles for free.

In addition to showcasing Bermudian talent the site also offers users the following benefits including:

  • Opening Bermuda and the artist to the international stage
  • Bringing Bermudian creatives together
  • Having an extensive search function, so users can sign up with one account and “tag” themselves as a writer, graphic designer, and a model all at the same time
  • Providing additional external links and a small portfolio of works; and
  • Having a space on the profile to let a viewer know they are available for hire

On Friday, an official launch event will be held from 7.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m. at Blue Water Angler’s Club. The event is designed to be a mixer and a mini showcase of the artists who will be featured on the site.

There will be live performances, refreshments, and a DJ playing Bermudian music. Members of the public are encouraged to attend to support the artist showcase.

Today, Minister Foggo said, “We are very excited about this project. All month long we’ve been celebrating Heritage Month and Bermudian Excellence. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to launch this Bermudian talent focused website.”

Minister Foggo continued, “We are looking to create supportive spaces for the cultural and creative community in Bermuda. So we have designed a unified platform aimed at bringing together local creatives so they can represent themselves. The site is free for the artists who wish to sign up, and we believe that this tool in some small way will help develop and uplift Bermudian national pride.

“On Friday, we will be hosting a launch event featuring a few of our artists. This event is also looking to reach out to the less ‘established’ creatives, who are considered younger Bermudians doing unique and big things in small pockets across our community. Ultimately, we want to get creatives in a space to mingle and network with each other and I look forward to meeting many of them on Friday.”

At Friday’s Creatives.BM launch event, some of the featured artists will include:

  • Shine Hayward
  • Mugzyddancer
  • Imari
  • Alan Smith
  • Live Wires; and
  • Brixx

Interested artists who wish to sign up on the site can visit