News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Transitional Community Services (TCS) launched its Community Bridge Builders Program exactly one year ago today (Feb 8).

The team at Transitional Community Services (TCS) has worked hard to create a space that values the individual experiences of young adult men. Throughout the past 12 months, the team has worked with young adult men to support them with developing and achieving goals while minimizing their individual risks.

Throughout the past 12 months, TCS has received 37 referrals with 23 men currently actively engaged. During this year, TCS adapted a Self-Sufficiency Index which is a risk assessment tool.

Through administering this tool quarterly, we have seen the average risks of the men that we work with decrease quarterly; this suggests that the interventions of the Community Bridge Builders Program are yielding a positive impact. Our Leadership Coaches have engaged in assertive case management which has resulted in over 1000 client contacts throughout the past 12 months.

Board Chair Wendy King said: “What an incredible year for TCS! Surrounded by an amazingly supportive Board of Directors and our dedicated Executive Director and her team, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing TCS move from strength to strength from day one.

“The success of the Community Bridge Builders pilot program continues to see positive progression through TCS members, bearing witness of the resounding community impact of the TCS brand.

“Having accomplished one-year of successful operations during a rather tumultuous time due to the novice impacts of a global pandemic, I’m most confident that the Bermuda community can expect to see greater restorative impacts from us, as TCS strives to restore our community one man at a time.”

At Transitional Community Services, we continue to create a space through our Community Bridge Builders program for young adult men aged 18-34 to partner with us to shift the trajectory of their lives.“Through its Community Bridge Builders Program TCS offers case management, counselling, groups, and employability skill building. We are able to offer these services free of charge due to the generous support and commitment of our many donors.