There’s a rule in baseball – three strikes and you’re out!

Let’s transfer that rule to cricket – the gentlemen’s game, for just a moment!

The good news is when it comes to Janeiro Tucker, aka Mr Cup Match, who works full-time, not to mention overtime, still plays cricket full time; who postponed the final segment of this shoot twice and was on his third strike when we finally got him!

And then there was his FATHER – THE GREAT former Somerset Cricket Club Captain, who led SCC to victory at least once in his hey day.

I could tell you a million stories about this man, who told me to my face that he was not Janeiro’s father – that he was his uncle, and that he didn’t know who I was  AND that I was at the wrong house!

By this time I’ve barged in through the dining room, looked down the hall for Janeiro’s mother, then looked in the living room. 

And so I asked, well why are you here in this picture with Janeiro’s mother and as a matter of fact, where is she – let me talk to her!

He told me straight: “Oh no, she’s resting and don’t you dare go down that hall.”

And then he said: “Why are you interrupting my breakfast?”

And I’m like, if you’re not the father, then why are you here and where is Janeiro?”

His reply: “Janeiro lives downstairs and he’s not here, and I’m just house sitting!”

I looked at my solo crew and he shrugs his shoulders and says: “Hey! I’m just the cameraman.”

Picked up the cell and dialed Mr Cup Match and of course his cell goes straight to voicemail.

In any case, now that we’ve finally shot the final segment of this SCC special presentation due to air July 23 and July 24, all I can say is: “Stay Tuned!”

When it comes right down to it, this father and son team; as you will soon see, will bring the real deal from a top class set of firsthand experience.

Trust and believe you will want to hear what they have to say about the gentlemen’s game of cricket, that has seen decades of decline in standards.

You will hear firsthand, what they have to say about getting back to basics and that the only way forward is to focus and straighten up the cricket programme, starting from primary school, with real cricket balls from the very beginning.

And to seal the deal, we had the pleasure of getting the Tucker’s next door neighbour, my beloved baby brother from another mother – Mama Mary’s son, Darren ‘Butch’ Burchall, aka ‘Butchie B’, who brings it REAL!

Went through the raw footage again for more than few hours today.

What can we tell you – John & Janeiro Tucker, with’Butchie B’ and yours truly; is a show in and of, and all by itself!

So…they will be the entire segment of Part 2, and for now, we’re not saying another peep about the lead segment when we bring you Part I – Lips Sealed!

So EXCITED I Could Bust Out of Myself – But Not Just Yet! is going to bring it – For REAL!