News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – Colonial Group International CEO, Naz Farrow stated on Friday, March 6 that the group has actioned its internal crisis management plan which covers both our staff and our clients so that we are fully prepared in the event of a coronavirus outbreak in Bermuda.

“We hope that it will not have to be used, but we feel it is best to be prepared as we are aware that people in the community will be relying on us to process not just medical claims, but all other claims as well.
“We have taken steps to update our staff as well as our clients and we will continue to update them as things develop. This is a very fluid situation that we are monitoring very closely indeed.
“As regards the coronavirus, I want to reassure people that coronavirus testing is covered when deemed medically necessary and appropriate as determined by guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and/or Local Government.
“A screening test ordered by a medical professional will be covered in accordance to the members current health plan benefits.
“If a member of Colonial Medical Insurance becomes infected with Coronavirus, medically necessary and appropriate medical care services are also covered in accordance to the members current health plan benefits.”
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