Public Works Minister Lt Col David Burch, Feature Photos Courtesy of DCI

Public Works Minister Colonel David Burch gave a firsthand account of what it takes to head up a Ministry with more than 700 employees, in a two-hour session on Monday, February 5, with a group of local home school students, accompanied by students visiting Bermuda from Peru.

The two-hour session was held at the Ministry on Monday morning. The first segment was featured in another joint initiative by Bermuda Real, TNN and simulcast on Fresh TV. The segment will also be repeated in Fresh TV’s rotation.

For those of you who missed the Facebook Live at 10am yesterday, here’s a look at the session beginning with an opening presentation by the Minister, followed by a question and answer session with questions fielded by the students. You will also hear the voice of the interpreter on hand for the Spanish speaking students visiting from Peru.


  • Feature Photos Courtesy of Brendon Smith at DCI with Thanks to Trevor Lindsay of TNN & Elmore Warren of Fresh TV