As usual, in his usual fine form, and not one to mince his words, Public Works Minister; Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch divulged a wealth of information, in his second Bermuda News Syndicate.

In a live interview earlier today with Bermuda Real and TNN, which was simulcast on Fresh TV, the Minister discussed a host of ongoing initiatives being led by his Ministry, including his great displeasure at the length of time it takes to get anything done in a beauracracy.

Among the highlights, Minister of Social Development, Michael Weeks, is set to announce a new partnership with the Salvation Army, that will see the homeless shelter on Parsons Road demolished. 

The Minister is due announce plans to move the programme to Bishop Spencer.

On the issue of over-hanging trees on Bermuda’s roads, Colonel Burch noted that there are some large properties in Southampton that need to get a handle on their overgrowth. Southampton Princess, in the area of Lighthouse Hill Road was one of a few properties mentioned.

And we end on a lighter note on his prediction for the Annual Cup Match Classic, with an update on the ultimatum he laid down in the House of Assembly regarding the hypocrisy of having the Governor present the cup at the end of a two-day match commemorating the emancipation of slavery.