News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – College students are getting ready to walk the talk and pitch in to help people tired and thirsty after taking part in the AXA End-to-End.

Elijah John-Lowe, Jair Duke, Caleb Roberts and Jared Rego are all part of MENSPEAK (correct), a student organisation at Bermuda College which aims to raise student awareness of and help address issues impacting the community, and have volunteered to man the water station at Dockyard.

“We were brainstorming how to get involved in the community,” said Elijah-John.

“We felt that helping with the End-to-End fulfilled the MENSPEAK mission and would help the community.”

Jair, who will walk the Middle-to-End before joining his friends at the water station, added: “It’s my first time. I wanted to do something that was healthy as well as doing something that would help Bermuda.”

And Caleb added: “MENSPEAK is about helping young men with leadership roles and influencing others and I think we will help to do that by getting involved in the End-to-End.”

For Jared, it is the third time he has helped man the water station and said: “I want to keep myself busy and at the same time help the best cause possible.”

This will be the seventh time MENSPEAK has manned the water station and Anne Mello, End-to-End Board Chair, said: “I cannot thank these young men enough.

“I think that they are sending a fantastic example and the College, everyone, should be proud of them.

This year’s End-to-End takes place on May 4. You can register or donate on, email or call 534 2205.

  • Photo Supplied: From left to right: Elijah John-Lowe, Jair Duke, Lyndon Jackson (Advisor to MENSPEAK), Jared Rego, Caleb Roberts