One Bermuda Alliance MP Cole Simons was officially sworn in as the new leader of the Opposition at Government House on Monday, just over a month after the General Election on October 1.

Admittedly, he said the OBA has their work cut out for them following the party’s crushing defeat at the polls that reduced their ranks in the Lower House down to six MPs from 11.

“As an organization, the One Bermuda Alliance stands ready to grow deeper roots, roots nourished by the principles of opportunity, responsibility, integrity, transparency, fairness, inclusiveness and service,” said Mr Simons.

Moving forward, he said: “Bermudians are concerned about their health and the health of their loved ones. You’re concerned about the security of your job, the 3.5 billion dollar debt burden, increasing unemployment and homelessness.

“The One Bermuda Alliance has been given its mandate; our job is to hold government accountable to Bermuda’s agenda and at the same time support and make contributions to public policies and initiatives which will lead to Bermuda’s economic, cultural and social success and to develop real opportunities for our people,” he added.

The new party leader is expected to announce who his deputy leader will be later today.

The OBA has yet to announce the party’s three Senators.

Mr Simons, who was the only one to put in his name for the leadership of the party also stated that the OBA’s defeat at the polls last month was “a bitter pill” to swallow.

The low voter turnout, he said “sent a crystal clear message that many people in Bermuda feel that all is not well in Bermuda”.

As the new leader he said the number one job for the OBA was “reconnecting” with the people, business community, trades unions and other key stakeholders.

“I can proudly say that our team is alive and well,” he said.

“We are rebuilding and we will continue with the spirit of service and to help rebuild this country. Our commitment is unwavering.”

  • Top Feature Photo Courtesy of TNN