News Release: DOCKYARD, Bermuda – WEDCO is delighted to share that the Clocktower Mall is reopening for business as of Sunday, June 6, 2021. The Mall will be open and accessible to the public on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 12pm to 6pm and on Mondays from 9am to 6pm moving forward.
The mall houses an eclectic group of local entrepreneurs offering a large range of products from Bermuda made and inspired goods and unique gifts originating from around the globe to fashion, home decor and perfumes to jewelry and art. In addition to the retail therapy experience offered by tenants, the mall also houses the popular Nannini Haagen-Daz Ice Cream Parlour and Café Amici Ristorante.
Stephanie Rodill, Marketing & Events Manager stated: “After such a long period of hardship and drastic change, we are happy to safely welcome residents and visitors back to Dockyard and more specifically to the Clocktower Mall. With the upcoming visits from the ORION by Viking Cruises, the announcement from the CDC on the pending return of cruising from the East Coast, the reopening of our playground, the reopening of other Dockyard businesses and the increase in guests to the area, it became clear that now is the right time to reopen the Clocktower Mall.
The Mall is truly a one stop shopping and dining experience offering the comfort of nearby restrooms, hand sanitiser stations and air conditioning as the temperatures increase along with a surrounding area that specialises in experiences, art, dining, and wide-open spaces. When visiting the Mall, our guests are also able to take advantage of all the offerings and experiences provided by the surrounding businesses – and the bonus is that everything is within walking distance!
We understand that both residents and visitors have a choice on how they spend their free time, which is why we are beyond appreciative when they choose to spend that precious free time making memories with us in the Royal Naval Dockyard. We invite everyone to visit the Clocktower Mall and spend the day with us in Dockyard!“
Some of the specials shoppers can expect to see in the Clocktower Mall are as follows:
1. Grand Bazaar & GB Home: 50% off all in stock King & Queen Bedspreads, hanging and table lanterns and selected decorative cushion covers / 20% off Men’s button-down shirts (just in time for Father’s Day!) / New arrivals of Turkish towels
2. Lisa-Anne Rego Art Gallery: 20% off store-wide until June 30, 2021, in celebration of 20 years of capturing Bermuda’s beauty / 30% off “Master Touch” giclee canvases until June 30, 2021 / 10% off original oil commissions until July 31, 2021 / Art giveaways on Instagram – @lisaregoartbermuda 
Lisa-Anne Rego, the Clocktower Mall’s Representative, added: “The Mall reopening is a welcomed step towards ‘normalcy’ as each business has been severely impacted by the cruise ship suspensions. I won’t underplay the deep pain incurred by the pandemic for many businesses geared almost entirely towards tourism in the Mall, but both our reopening and the home-port cruise ship indicate better days ahead.
The situation has caused some businesses, like my own, to reassess and pivot, which has led to positive change, innovation, and the improvement of our online platforms. Customer service and developing high calibre products in tandem with focused social media campaigns is the key to the future. I have really found it exciting to see locals meeting me for the first time based on my Instagram posts. Serving cruise ship passengers for over a decade left little time to develop my social media presence, but I realised immediately, as did many others, that it was vital to adapt quickly.
We remain grateful for the support that both WEDCO and the BEDC have provided many small businesses in the Mall and we are extremely thankful to the locals and visitors that have ‘chosen Bermuda’ over the past year. Many shops will be offering amazing specials to show their appreciation.
As Bermuda and the world slowly emerge from the pandemic – we look forward to increasing our local customer base and to seeing our visitors once again who treasure our island just as much as we do. We can’t wait to share the stories behind our products, create memorable experiences and provide the best shopping experience possible. We look forward to seeing you back in the Clocktower Mall soon!”
In addition, the Royal Naval Dockyard is open! While the Clocktower Mall is open Friday through Monday, the other Dockyard businesses have operating hours across the entire week. To keep track of confirmed Dockyard business hours of operations, please visit Alternatively, please contact individual businesses directly.
When visiting the Royal Naval Dockyard, please follow all health regulations and guidelines issued by the Bermuda Government inclusive of practicing physical distancing, wearing masks properly, employing proper respiratory etiquette and washing hands often.
In 1990, to preserve the historic nature of the buildings and revitalise the area, the Bermuda Government made the decision to turn two (the Great Eastern and Northern Storehouses) of the five historic storehouses (the Great Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western Storehouses, in addition to, the Sail Loft) into the iconic Clocktower Mall – now home to over 20 local businesses.
The Great Eastern Storehouse (the building with the clock towers), now the most well-known storehouse, was the naval store for such things as sails, oars, shot stoppers, rigging and so on. It also housed the offices of the Commissioner, later Captain-in-Charge, of the Dockyard. The storehouse walls are three feet thick, and the two towers stand 100 feet tall. The Great Eastern Storehouse towers were designed by William Scamp, a civilian architect who, at the time, worked for the Royal Navy.