Clear indications emerging today that the owners of Fairmont Southampton “will not be opening for two years and more businesses will be closing their doors”.

As first reported by TNN this morning, in response to TNN enquiries on the status of the Southampton resort confirmed that the owners of the hotel and the Bermuda Government “have been engaged in discussions on their future plans for the hotel”.

That statement said: “It is a matter of public record that prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic the plan for the Fairmont Southampton to be extensively renovated following the 2020 tourism season”.

Since then, it is also a matter of public record that the four-month deadline to declare whether or not the hotel plans to reopen was extended from July, by newly appointed Minister of Labour, Jason Hayward, until October.

Meetings held with unionised local workers employed by Fairmont Southampton indicated that some 300 Bermudians still being held in limbo were told a decision would be made on their redundancy status in October.

Between then and now, there has yet to be an official announcement on the reopening status of this hotel.

Based on the Government’s response to TNN, it would appear that this decision is still up in the air.

The position held by the Bermudian workers employed by this hotel is simply this – if the hotel decides not to reopen then they can give their staff their redundancy pay owed and cut all ties from there.

According to the statement released by the Government: “Once those plans are confirmed a public announcement is expected.”

But TNN also disclosed the contents of another email from Sousa’s Landscaping, from the owner; Jeff Sousa, that “indicated to several people via a social media post who had their cars broken into and robbed”, that “hard times are coming.

According to TNN, that email said: “The Fairmont Southampton property would not be opening for the next two years as the COVID-19 pandemic takes firm grip on the hospitality industry”.

The email said: “Good afternoon everyone. It’s sad to read this!

“As Maureen has already said times are hard and it’s going to get much worse this winter!

“Fairmount Southampton will not be opening for two years and more businesses will be closing their doors.

“It is very important to remain vigilant as you have been.

“All the best.”

Signed: “Jeff.”

No official word yet on when or if Fairmont Southampton plans to reopen anytime soon. Either way – we’ll keep you posted.