Located in Rosalie Gardens, 35 Angle Street, Hamilton is the Clarence Hill Sports Arena. Diallo V. Rabain, Minister of Education, cut the ribbon on Saturday, March 5th for student representatives, teachers and the principal of Victor Scott Primary School [formerly Central School, where Clarence attended], together with special guests and neighbours of the area. Master of Ceremonies was area Resident Roseanne Edwards.

During the 1940s-60s, the most popular sports arena in Bermuda was located at the old Berkeley Institute field situated on St John’s Road in Pembroke. That site was utilized for publicly held athletic competitions, football, cricket and boxing matches, and fairs.

The opening prayer was given by Rev Dr Madeline F Hayward, B Min, DD, CDKA, author and Associate Pastor at the First Church of God (est 1905) and adjacent to Rosalie Gardens. Local musician Miles “Trane” Manders, the principle artist for the project, also performed a song entitled ‘Champ’ which he wrote.

Awards for making this dream, organised by Atlantic Publishing House, a reality, were given to:

  • Rhona Pedro who drew lifelike portraits of Clarence Hill and Flora Duffy on separate clay plates.
  • Gail Palacio who painted a 6-foot tall full body portrait of Clarence which sits in a boxing ring.
  • Tiffany Tuzo and Nana Peggy Burns for the pamphlet of facts about Clarence’s life.
  • Michael Dillas who designed the boxing ring.
  • Theodosia Lambert: Community Liaison.
  • Miles “Trane” Manders who did all of the writing and is responsible for:
    • The Music Wall of Fame
    • The Music Footsteps to Heaven
    • The Spotlight on Music, and two murals that will be officially unveiled on the 24th April, 2022.

The event was repeated the following day, Sunday, for the general public, with Dr Ernest Peets, Minister of Youth, Culture & Sport, giving remarks and Mr Charles Jeffers Sr was the Master of Ceremonies.

Refreshments were enjoyed on both days and guests departed the Clarence Hill Sports Arena in Rosalie Gardens very happy.

Music was supplied at the reception by Wendy Flood and Miles “Trane” Manders.

Rosalie Gardens will be open for public guided tours on Saturdays and Sundays until the end of October from 10am to 3pm. Tours must be prearranged by calling 595-9841 or emailing daledbutler@gmail.com.

Feature Photos By Ras Mykkal