News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – To bring added vibrancy to Hamilton and alleviate &nancial strain on visual and performance arsts caused by COVID-19, The City of Hamilton has decided to waive busker fees again for 2022, for the second consecuve year.

The City’s Marketing and Communications Director Jessica Astwood said: “Every year The City of Hamilton hosts a Busker Programme which aims to promote and engage local artists by ‘taking the arts to the people’, on the streets of Hamilton.

“Performance and Visual Arts Zones have been created in specific public places to enliven the City, promote creative expression and expose members of the public to Bermuda’s local talent in free, outdoor public venues.

“Typically, we require an annual $30 application fee for busking within the City, but we have decided to waive the fee this year, as we did in 2021, as we appreciate the added &nancial pressure that the pandemic has placed on our community and, in parcular, on our artists and entertainers.”

The City of Hamilton will offer permits to local artists so they may utilize Performance and Visual Arts Zones. Visual Arts Zones act as outdoor arts galleries where registered arsts can display and market their works and/or create new works live. Performance Zones are where musicians can showcase their talents.

There are five busking locations in the City and they are as follows:

Nellie’s Walk Located in front of City Hall, Nellie’s Walk is a Performance Zone

Wesley Square Located at the southwest corner of the City Hall car park, Wesley Square is a Visual Arts Zone

Queen Elizabeth Park Located on Queen Street, inside the main gates of the park, this is Performance Zone

Dr EF Gordon Square Located on the corner of Court and Dundonald Street, this is Performance and Visual Arts Zone

Waterfront Square Located on Front Street between the Bermuda Tourism Visitor’s Centre and the Ferry Terminal, this is a Performance and Visual Arts Zone

In the case of rain, artists that wish to continue may relocate to the portico at the front steps of City Hall. It should be noted that these designated spaces are the only City-authorized areas for busking.All parcipants of the Busker Programme must be registered with the City of Hamilton.

Mrs Astwood added: “This programme presents a unique opportunity for Bermudian artists to be seen and heard live in public space, to receive funds from the pubic for their performance orworks and to promote themselves and their artistic works right in the centre of the City.”

To apply to take part in the City’s Busker Programme or for more information about the Programme, go to: hEps://