For the fourth time, the list compiled by, which compares the cost of living in cities against New York, has listed Bermuda as the most expensive city to live on the planet.

The bottom line – the island out-priced Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva and cities in the Scandinavian region, including Stavanger and Oslo,

According to the website’s cost of living 2018 mid-year figures showed Hamilton at 137.56 – or more than a third more expensive than New York.

The restaurant price index for Bermuda’s capital was 151.77, or slightly more than the New York rate of 103.03.

And groceries came in at roughly 25 percent more expensive at 125.56.

Overall, New York came in at number 12 on the 2018 list, London came in at 34.

The City of Hamilton has topped the list every year since 2015.