News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The City of Hamilton officially launched its Employee Wellness Programme with a mini health fair for staff at the Laffan Street Car Park yesterday (June 15).

At the launch event, City staff had the opportunity to interact with health and fitness vendors, identify baseline health statistics to set personal goals, and learn about the resources already available to them. There were also several interactive activities for staff such as health trivia with prizes and healthy fruit basket giveaways.

Participating vendors and health partners included BF&M, Honest Greens, Bermuda Diabetes Association (offering blood sugar checks)], Hindsight Wellness, The Department of Health Community Health Programme (performing blood pressure and wellness checks) and Courthouse Gym.

City CEO Dwayne Caines said of the launch: “The health of our staff is of the upmost importance to us which is why we felt the Employee Wellness Programme to be a crucial component of the organization’s structure.

“In 2019 the City commissioned the development of an Employee Wellness Programme. In order to first identify the needs of City employees, the City conducted a wellness survey. The survey focused on several different categories: demographics, health history, family history, eating habits, physical activity, lifestyle, access to a healthy lifestyle, and interests in wellness initiatives. The survey results have helped the City to tailor the wellness programme specifically to staff’s needs.

“The results have also helped us to create a strategy forward, spearheaded by our recently formed Employee Wellness Committee comprised of City staff members working in conjunction with our health insurer, BF&M Insurance Group. The Committee was created to develop, action, maintain, and evaluate the Employee Wellness Programme; to help achieve employee and company wellness goals.”

There will be year-round health-related activities with our partner BF&M well as coordinated activities by our Employee Wellness Committee on a quarterly basis.

Additionally, every month, the BF&M calendar will be distributed to all staff so that they can take advantage of the free offerings available.