News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda — The City of Hamilton issued commendations to two Bermuda Police officers– PC Carol Skerritt and PC Christopher Douglas yesterday (Jan 11).

Mayor Charles Gosling and City CEO Dwayne Caines were on hand to recognize PC Skerritt and PC Douglas for their exemplary service to the City, at the monthly meeting of the Corporation Board. Also in attendance were members and management of the City Board, Police Commissioner Darrin Simons, and several fellow officers of the Bermuda Police Service.

Dwayne Caines commented: “A few years ago we had a number of challenges and knew we needed to have a partnership with the Bermuda Police Service. With the former Commissioner of Police, we established what we knew was a progressive way forward.

“We identified a plan to use extra-duty officers and introduce the concept of City Constables. Two of the assigned officers, PC Skerritt and PC Douglas go above and beyond the call of duty. They collaborate with the businesses, they come to my office with lists and reports and provide significant input to make sure we are aware of issues that need to be rectified.”

Mayor Gosling added: “It became apparent that whatever was working in the past wasn’t necessarily working today and we decided to engage in this partnership. Today is an opportunity to say thank you very much for creating change. The partnership has created a lot of engagement with the community.”

Police Commissioner Simons said of the commendations: “I was really impacted by this gesture. I want to thank the City for their expression of gratitude. Relationships are important and this one works well to fulfil what we want to achieve.”

Top Feature Photo: Mayor Charles Gosling, PC Christopher Douglas, PC Carol Skerritt, Police Commissioner Darrin Simons & City CEO Dwayne Caines