Reception services at City Hall and the Works Depot will remain closed as the City of Hamilton plans to continue to follow the Government’s lead and gradually reinstate services, infrastructure and public spaces.

In a statement released this weekend a spokesperson said: “The health and safety of the public as well as City staff is paramount at this time and the City is fully committed to Phase One of the recovery and will operate as such.

“With restaurants and retailers looking to resume their businesses, the City is in full support of curbside service and will work with those businesses as well as the Chamber of Commerce for any industry needs as people transform safely to the new normal and move through the phases of recovery.

“As the recovery progresses, the City will ramp up its services as necessary to accommodate.

“Paid parking in all City car parks will be reinstated on Monday, May 4th with barriers down for entry and exit. Motorists can be assured that sanitizing of the pay stations will be carried out on a regular basis.

“The City’s green spaces will open Monday morning as crews are deployed over the weekend to ensure that they are safe for public use. The public are reminded to abide by the social distancing guidelines in the parks, as directed by Government, and to keep groups to no more than ten people at any given time.

“Where possible, street furniture, including picnic benches will be moved and relocated to accommodate social distancing.

“All public washrooms in the City will be reopened as of Monday with increased sanitizing every two hours.

“With the gradual opening of City restaurants and retail outlets for curbside service, garbage collection will increase to the regularly scheduled two collections per day, Monday through Friday, and once per day on the weekends.

“Refreshed road marking has also been carried out throughout the City with additional areas still to be scheduled.

“As the City adapts to the needs and guidelines in Phase One, City services will adjust as necessary.”