A sick crewman on board a massive cargo ship was admitted to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital today, after he complained of stomach problems, while en route to Florida from Russia.

According to a spokesman from the Bermuda Maritime Operation Center (BMOC), the Panamanian-registered Newseas Jade, has since moved on; out of the local area, bound for Port Manatee in Florida.

The 32-year-old Chinese sailor was transferred to the Marine and Ports rescue pilot boat St David shortly after 7am this morning, after the ship’s captain alerted local authorities when the ship was about 575 miles north west of the island.

The BMOC, which coordinated the mercy mission, said earlier today that strict COVID-19 precautions were taken throughout the transfer operation.

No official word yet from local officials on the sailor’s condition since hospital admission, or subsequent plans to repatriate him to his country of origin.