News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – “The Ministry of Social Development and Seniors, the Department of Child and Family Services and industry professionals, presents ‘Nurturing our Nation: Imperfect Parenting Series’.” said Tinee Furbert, Minister of Social Development and Seniors. 

“Beginning this week, Thursday, September 22nd, we will be providing valuable resources and connections to educate families and assist with coping and parenting skills that enable community development.”

Minister Furbert added: “This need in our community has been identified through data collected by the Department of Child and Family Services. Through their facilitation of Family Strengths and Needs Assessments, primary caregivers have most reported the need for coping and parenting skills training, year after year.”

“Through a series of live stream panel discussions, focus groups, and a parenting expo, we are bringing healing to our nation through sharing invaluable information.”

Live Stream Panel Discussion Schedule: 

  1. September 22nd at 12:30pm – Topic: Routines
  2. September 29th at 12:30pm – Topic: Boundaries
  3. October 20th at 12:30pm – Topic: Effects of Bullying and Domestic Violence on Children
  4. October 27th at 12:30pm – Topic: Co-Parenting and Nurturing Parents
  5. November 17th at 12:30pm – Topic: Personal Care and Wellness
  6. November 24th at 12:30pm – Topic:  Nutrition and Meal Planning

Panel Discussions will be LIVE on Facebook (@mosds.bda and @bdagovernment), Twitter (@bdagovernment) YouTube (@citvbermuda), and CITV (One Communications Channel 2 and WOW Channel 102). 

Questions are welcomed and can be submitted before the discussions at

Minister Furbert concluded, “We will also be hosting a Parenting Expo on the Front Lawn of City Hall on November 10th, from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. Save this date as more information will be forthcoming.” 

“We welcome you to follow us on social media for updates and educational posts as we share monthly parenting tips through to August 2023.”