For the first time since 2019 specatators are expected to be out in full steam for the highlight of our annual Bermuda Day Half Marathon 2022 to witness the island’s best of the best including the best of all those doing their best for the race this year.

Only this time, as quiet as it has been kept Bermuda’s own Darren ‘Butchy B’ will be out, front and centre with Channel 82 Bermuda’s LIVE Team, joined by TNNs Trevor Lindsay’s Bermuda News As It Happens.

And unlike the rest, they will be ready to rumble streaming LIVE on Channel82 Bermuda around the globe for Bermuda’s countless Bermudians living abroad, who want to tune in to what we’re doing here at home, bright and early in the morning.

Tune in to the Pre-Race Show LIVE at 7:30am Bermuda Time, be sure to comment as the day’s races begin!

All the BEST Lamone & Crew! We Know You Got This! REPRESENT & SEE You On The Road on the Route From SOMERSET Down In Southampton West – The HOME Of

And ALL The BEST To YOU! Dr Gina Tucker & The Bermuda Day Marathon Lead CREW!

As For YOU Butchy B – You Know The DRILL! SEE You In Part 2 One On One! We Know You & DEJA Know De Real Deal Hear Me!